Welcome Community Service Volunteers. Thanks for choosing to complete your service with Habitat!

Community Service

Habitat for Humanity Tucson Arizona welcomes volunteers who need to complete school, group, religious, service, etc. related community service and select court-ordered community restitution. Documentation of completed hours is available. Please provide Volunteer Resources two (2) days’ notice when a confirmation letter is needed. 

School/Service Related

Individuals needing hours for service related organizational requirements may call Volunteer Resources at Habitat Tucson – 520-326-1217 X228. Arrangements for a volunteer position and scheduling will be completed at this time. After required hours are completed, service related volunteers wishing to continue with Habitat will be required to attend an orientation.

Court-Ordered Community Restitution

Individuals needing to complete court ordered, community restitution may call Volunteer Resources at Habitat Tucson – 520-326-1217 X228. Documentation of court orders indicating offense and hours needed must be presented. Once the required documents are received and are valid for court ordered community service with Habitat Tucson, arrangements for a volunteer position and scheduling will occur. Although we welcome court-ordered community restitution, we cannot accept volunteers who have committed violent crimes, crimes against minors, sexual offenses, drug offenses, theft or robbery. Submit the 2nd page signed of the Court Ordered Community Service Agreement along with copies of your court documents. 


PHONE: 520.326.1217 ext. 228
FAX: 520.326.5149

EMAIL: volunteer@habitattucson.org
3501 N. Mountain Ave
Tucson, AZ 85719

Download Court Ordered Community Service Agreement HERE