16 Years in an Accessible Habitat House

Mary Catherine's life changed forever after a rare flesh-eating bacteria infected her nearly 20 years ago. She had 24 surgeries in a matter of weeks, and both legs had to be amputated to ensure [...]

Sustainable homes build strength.

Our homes are green. Well… not really — they’re a mix of desert inspired tans, browns and reds. But all of our homes are “Green”. What does that mean exactly? […]

A place to call home

Five years ago, Rebecca and her children left a Kenyan Refugee camp and traveled to Tucson, Arizona. The massive journey was a pursuit for a better life, security, education and […]

Mia & Manny

He’s her dad, her protector and her superhero. Everything that he does, he does for her — including pursuing homeownership. Manuel Sandoval and his daughter Mia are the best of […]


To Stephanie Yanez, the home of her parents isn’t someplace she occasionally visits. Right now, it’s where she and her 3-year-old son share a bedroom. Instead of it being a […]

Habitat Tucson’s 400th House

Habitat for Humanity Tucson has raised the walls on our 400th house! This major milestone falls within Habitat Tucson’s celebration of 35 years serving families in Southern Arizona. The [...]

Haro Family

When it gets really cold in Amado, Pedro and Mayra Haro hang up a blanket to partition their borrowed trailer and turn on the space heater. Not the safest way […]