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At Habitat, we know that a safe and decent home can change everything for a family. Children feel free to bring friends home to play, their grades improve and the opportunity for college becomes a reality. Instead of worrying about housing, families begin to consider college education for their children, employment training for themselves, and have time to volunteer in their neighborhood organizations. Habitat homeowners become taxpaying neighbors who value their homes and their neighborhoods.

As a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, the majority of our support comes from local contributions and partnerships. Donations help fund the building of affordable homes, land purchases and the operation of our mission.

A Habitat Homeowner’s take on Giving

Giving; most of us have been in both positions: The giver and the recipient. And while a certain amount of joy can be gleaned from being a recipient – especially for children- an enormous amount of joy comes from giving.

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