the-local-trustHabitat for Humanity Tucson has partnered with to give you the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint by helping fund solar hot water heaters!

Every time you drive, fly or use energy from fossil fuels like oil and coal you contribute carbon dioxide to the atmosphere that wouldn’t otherwise be there. Buying carbon credits lets you neutralize your carbon footprint. Credits pay for projects that absorb the carbon (like tree planting) or reduce fossil fuel burning (like energy-efficient solar hot water systems). Those projects take out the carbon for you, as much as you need and whenever you need it!

Solar panel on a Habitat home built in 2009/2010.

Solar panel on a Habitat home built in 2009/2010. gives you the opportunity to calculate your carbon footprint for air and auto travel and then offset that impact by purchasing carbon credits that go to help subsidize solar water-heaters for Habitat, which will reduce approximately 56 tons of carbon over their life-cycle.

Visit today to do your part in reducing yours and your family’s carbon footprint!

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