Rainbow Build

Rainbow Build returns to Tucson for our third home in 2017!

In 2005, Habitat for Humanity Tucson hosted the world’s first Rainbow Build—the first of Habitat International’s U.S. and international affiliates to do so! The idea spread like wildfire with Rainbow Builds now hosted in Washington D.C., Austin, Seattle, Ann Arbor, The Twin Cities, San Diego, and more. Tucson’s second Rainbow Build took place in 2012.

These projects engage neighborhoods, corporations, businesses, organizations, and the LGBTQA community in Habitat Tucson’s mission to build strength and stability through shelter.

For questions relating to Rainbow Build and sponsorship opportunities, please contact B. Joseph Howell at (520) 326-1217 ext. 223 or email josephh@habitattucson.org.

Support the Rainbow Build

Habitat Tucson is raising $90,000 to build the Rainbow House in partnership with local LGBTQA organizations, businesses, volunteers, and supporters. By contributing to a Habitat Tucson home, you and your organization will share in the pride of sponsorship, which includes public recognition of your support.

How you can help:


Rainbow Build

All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law and qualify for the AZ Charity Tax Credit! Every gift makes a difference. 
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Attend an Event

TO WONG FOO THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, JULIE NEWMAR at the Loft Cinema. Thursday, June 8 at 7:30pm. General Admission: $15. Buy tickets online.

A fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity’s Rainbow Build!

Become a sponsor

Family with T

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact josephh@habitattucson.org for more on how you can get your company involved.

Build a team


Become a fundraiser and invite your family and friends to support Habitat Tucson’s mission by raising funds to build the Rainbow House.

Host a house party

Open your doors to help others open theirs! House parties are a great way to invite your friends, family, and network to enjoy food and fun while raising funds for the Rainbow Build.

Help us build

Two Rainbow Build days will take place during the year. Additional building days are available for sponsors.



Share the news about Habitat Tucson’s Rainbow Build throughout the community. Invite your friends to participate in this exciting project.

Identify future homeowners

Refer an individual or family in need of affordable housing. Homes are purchased with a 0% interest loan and have an affordable monthly mortgage payment. Read more about Habitat’s path to homeownership here.

What is the Rainbow Build?


The goal of Rainbow Build is to raise awareness of the need for affordable housing as it relates to social justice issues, and to mobilize a diverse array of organizations, groups and individuals in an effort to fight substandard housing in Southern Arizona. Through Rainbow Build, we hope to build a strong platform for discussion and lasting partnerships within and around the LGBTQA community while making strides toward change and improvement in the lives of hardworking, local families.

How does affordable housing affect the LGBTQA community?

Affordable housing and LGBTQA rights are interrelated. The LGBTQA community is aware of the twin problems of homeless teens and housing discrimination. Habitat Tucson’s mission to expand homeownership is a key part of the larger housing solution. Homeownership offers stability and independence to vulnerable members of the Tucson community.

Will the Rainbow Build home go to a member of the LGBTQA community?

Not necessarily. Habitat Tucson seeks to serve qualified individuals and families from every part of Tucson, including the LGBTQA community. Habitat Tucson is an equal housing opportunity provider.

We are delighted to launch Rainbow Build 2017 and look forward to your partnership. Support of Habitat for Humanity Tucson is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. For questions relating to Rainbow Build and sponsorship opportunities, please contact B. Joseph Howell at (520) 326-1217 ext. 223 or email josephh@habitattucson.org.

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