TEP Powering our Volunteers!

Habitat for Humanity Tucson is excited to continue our 25-year partnership with Tucson Electric Power!TEP has pledged to provide funding for the next three years, teaming up with Habitat to [...]

Andrea’s AmeriCorps Service

For Andrea, no act is too small. “It might be like a small little impact, but even the smallest little impact grows into a bigger one. It might take time, it might take years, but it does grow.”

Americorps Members Get Things Done

AmeriCorps members like Claire serve full-time helping families build strong and stable homes, all while gaining real-world experience. AmeriCorps members serve in leadership roles on an active [...]

Daniel Avila’s Volunteer Story

There’s something really special about people who come through Habitat. That’s what Daniel noticed right away.Daniel Avila, a civil engineer from Ecuador, was first interested in [...]

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