Joseph Bailey Jr: A Life of Service

“If you don’t serve mankind then what are you doing in this world?” says veteran homeowner Joseph Bailey Jr.Joseph has completed over 150 sweat equity hours in just six months of being in the [...]

Richard & Kaitlin’s Story

Growing up Richard moved over 20 times with his family. But he wanted something else for his children. Richard had known about Habitat for Humanity a long time and had even volunteered for [...]

Americorps Members Get Things Done

AmeriCorps members like Claire serve full-time helping families build strong and stable homes, all while gaining real-world experience. AmeriCorps members serve in leadership roles on an active [...]

Habitat Makes International News!

It isn’t every day a reporter from London stops by one of the poorest neighborhoods in all of Tucson.And what he discovered in Amphi was Habitat building more than just houses. He saw how [...]

Grateful for Help

Patricia is an 87-year-old Airforce Veteran living in Tucson. She told our volunteers how thankful she was for their help repairing her home.

Join the 2018 Holiday Match Today!

There’s still time! Time to give families the gift of a warm and happy home. Time to help build strong and stable communities. Time to make a difference—right here in Tucson.Make a matched [...]

Generations of Making a Difference

The very first Habitat volunteer. Builder of over 250 Habitat Tucson homes. Devoted father, husband, and community member. All these describe the incomparable Leland Yarbrough.A gifted [...]