Mariah’s Story

Mariah is a third-grade teacher in Tucson. After completing sweat equity and taking financial classes she purchased her home with Habitat Tucson this year.

Rhyana’s Story

“Home is more than just a place to put up pictures or rest your head at night,” says Rhyana. “For my daughters, it will always be the place mom is at.

Home Will Always Be With You

When asked what home means to him, Jean wrote it down in his first language, Kinyarwanda: “Ahantuzaba igihecyose hitwiwawe.” Translated, it means, “It will always be with you."

Feeling Safe in Our Sanctuary

Alice is living with Parkinson Disease and has developed issues with her balance. With a fear of falling, the replacement of their old deteriorating ramp was urgent. That's where A Brush With [...]

Teachers Deserve Affordable Housing

As a 7th grade teacher at Mansfield Middle School for the past thirteen years, Elizabeth is no stranger to hard work, patience, and resilience. But Elizabeth, Cesar, and their four teenaged [...]