12901373_10153383689646300_6318696772211551364_oHow to Get an Application

If you are interested in getting an application for a Habitat home, we strongly suggest attending an information Session (Information Session Schedule). If you cannot attend an information session, please submit your information by clicking the button below. A member of our Selection Committee will then be in touch with you to discuss your eligibility. Thank you for your interest and we hope to see or hear from you soon!

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Basic Homebuyer Criteria

Willingness to Partner
Each future Habitat homeowner must complete a minimum of 250 ‘sweat equity’ hours. The hours are completed by volunteering at the construction site and at Habitat’s HabiStore. (Special accommodations will be made for those who cannot work at those sites)

Additionally, homeowner education classes and workshops are a part of the sweat equity requirement. The classes are designed to help future homeowners prepare for homeownership.

Habitat homeowners may also be asked to participate in media interviews and presentations to sponsors and other community groups by sharing their personal stories


The applicant’s current living situation and whether they have the means to qualify for a home with a traditional mortgage lender will be considered. Does a majority of the applicant’s income go toward housing? Is the applicant’s housing substandard or temporary? Applicants will also receive a home-visit to further evaluate their living conditions.

Ability to Pay

During the application and selection process each applicant’s income will be considered. The applicants need to have a steady source of income. They must be able to pay a monthly mortgage and their credit history needs to indicate this. Habitat homeowners are responsible for their monthly mortgage payment, property taxes and insurance.

Below is a chart with minimum and maximum family income requirements based on family size.


Family Size Minimum Income Maximum Income
1 $15,800 $30,950
2 $18,100 $35,400
3 $20,400 $39,850
4 $22,600 $44,200
5 $24,500 $47,800
6 $26,300 $51,300
7 $28,100 $54,900
8 $29,900 $58,400



Habitat for Humanity Tucson equal-housing-logoHabitat for Humanity Tucson is an Equal Housing Opportunity provider.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, age, disability, religion, marital or family status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or because all or part of an applicant’s income is derived from public assistance programs.