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A Brush with Kindness –
Neighbors helping neighbors maintain their homes.

The goal of Habitat for Humanity Tucson’s A Brush with Kindness (ABWK) program is to help families maintain the exterior of their homes while bringing volunteers and neighbors together by helping a homeowner in need.  Through exterior home repairs, individuals can live in safe, decent homes and restore hope and pride to their community.

Some of the typical services include (but are not limited to):

  • Painting
  • Landscaping
  • Exterior cleanup


How we do it:

  • Habitat selects partner families based on income, need and willingness to partner.  In order to be chosen, families must agree to work alongside neighbors and Habitat volunteers on their home.
  • Habitat uses volunteer labor and donated materials to keep costs low.
  • We ask homeowners to make a small donation and to volunteer 8 hours of their time to help ABWK be a sustainable program.  Click here for more information on giving to ABWK.
    *Accommodations will be made for those unable to perform physical work.


Eligibility guidelines for this program:

  • You must own your home and it must be your primary residence.
  • You must be income-elligible (see chart below).
Family Size Maximum Income for Eligibility
1 $32,200
2 $36,800
3 $41,400
4 $46,000
5 $49,750
6 $53,400
7 $57,100
8 $60,750

*This chart shows the maximum combined income of all household members over the age of 18. This chart may change or be updated frequently as requirements change.

Apply for A Brush with Kindness:

Click here to apply

Or contact us by phone at (520) 326-1217 ext. 230 or by email at

Support A Brush with Kindness:

There are two ways you can support A Brush with Kindness – through a financial donation or by volunteering side-by-side with homeowners in their neighborhood.

For more information on giving a donation to ABWK click here.

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Volunteer for A Brush with Kindness:

Support A Brush with Kindness by volunteering side-by-side with homeowners in their neighborhood.

For more information on volunteering with the Neighborhood Partnership Program click here.


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