“To someone who’s never had a home of their own before, a key is precious metal. It opens more than just a door; it opens up a whole new way of life. That’s why Habitat for Humanity is so close to my heart. Everyone deserves a decent, affordable home, and together we can make that happen,” Reba McEntire, singer.

Read below to learn about some of the members of our Habitat family!

All 2014 Family photos generously donated by Jonathon Garcia.
All other Family photos generously donated by Guy Atchley.

2015 Selection

Raines Family

Riding a bike down safe streets, summers spent by the pool, the freedom to laugh and play — these are the joys of being a kid. But for Navaeh Angel, the 11-year-old granddaughter of Kay Lynn Raines, those simple joys aren’t possible. Over the last year, Kay Lynn’s apartment was acquired by new management — […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Ortiz Family

Tucson has always been home to Tucson-native Eva Ortiz and Carlos Wood. They have histories and memories here – a gift and opportunity that that they want to provide for their two children.  are raising their two children with (something here). The family of four currently lives in a one-bedroom home where the children share […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Escarcega Family

“It’s been a journey — an incredible journey,” said Martha Escarcega. “God called us to come.” Martha and her daughter, Brianna, have overcome great challenges, including the loss of her 9-year-old son who was lost in a car accident at the fault of a drunk driver. The resilient duo currently lives in a neighborhood riddled […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Campos Family

Blanca Campos is always rearranging her furniture. She loves decorating and playing with the way things look in her living space. It’s some of the only peace she finds in her condo located in the middle of a crime-riddled neighborhood. “I grew up moving a lot,” said Blanca. “I want my kids to know one […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Uwamahoro Family

“In my mind, I already have my own place to live.” It’s the next chapter to an incredible journey. Single mother and widow, Agnes Uwamahoro, has endured a harrowing and difficult journey. She persevered through 19 years as a refugee. She overcame extreme sadness after the death of her husband. She has escaped fear and […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Mabior-Kur Family

David and his family currently live in an apartment that is plagued by mold and vulnerable to security threats. They have a number of doors and windows that don’t lock. And their neighborhood isn’t safe. For the family of five, it is not an ideal place to live and thrive. David and his wife Achol […] Click here to read the rest of this story

2016-02-10 04.41.52
Howell-Campos Family

First comes love, and then comes marriage. That’s how it happened for John Howell and wife Gaby Campos who just welcomed their first-born baby girl. She’s a beautiful girl with a head full of dark, thick hair. She’s a blessing and a gift, and now, the couple want to give her a large gift too […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Vargas Family

Brenda Vargas lost a huge part of her family with the death of her husband and father to their five children just over two years ago. The tragedy left the family with sadness, but also gave them determination to fulfill a dream — the dream of homeownership. “That’s what he would’ve wanted,” said Brenda. “He […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Sandoval Family

Manuel Sandoval and his daughter Mia are the best of friends. He’s her dad, her protector and her superhero. Everything that he does, he does for her — including pursuing homeownership. And while the father-daughter duo have come a long way together, facing every challenge as a team, they still haven’t found that one true […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Davalos Family

Sharing a small space with many people comes with obvious struggles, but for the Davalos family, struggling for room in their apartment’s sole bathroom causes the most turmoil. The family of five shares a small two-bedroom apartment. The oldest son, 16-year-old Francisco Javier, typically has to sleep in the living room. The Davalos are more […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Adol Family

“Home is something that you can always come back to, knowing that you’ll always have love at all times,” said Adol’s son. “The house is going to make everything better for us.” It was February 10, 2006. Adol and her large family boarded a plane and said goodbye to Ethiopia where they had lived most […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Delcido Family

Maria and Richard Delcido were celebrating Richard’s birthday when they got an unexpected present — they received the news that their family had been selected to receive a Habitat for Humanity Tucson home. Both Richard and Maria have overcome personal hardships. Throughout their youth, they each learned important life values and morals that continue to […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Altamirano Family

“I have this picture in my head of my house,” said Zulema Altamirano. “This is my dream.” Zulema Altamirano teaches toddlers and children through the Arizona Head Start Program, but she says that the young learners are, in fact, educating her every single day. Four years ago, she learned something that would change her life […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Paz Family

After being selected for the Habitat Tucson homeownership program, Elisa and Alfredo quickly completed their required hours of sweat equity, but the when they chose their lot for their home — Habitat Tucson’s 400th house — the family made a commitment to continue to work on the homes of their neighbors. Most weekends, the family can be found […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Ross Family

Nights at the Gabriela Ross’ apartment are loud. It’s no fault of her own — her neighbors blast music and cops investigating suspected drug activity often frequent the complex. Then one evening, hope drowned out the noise. Gabriela received a call during a shift as a custodian at a local church to find out that […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Ruiz Family

Marcela Ruiz is a hard worker and dedicated mother. The single mother of two works for a cleaning service company and takes on as many assignments and jobs as she can to increase her income. Yet, the one bedroom residence that her and hershe shares with her two growing daughters share is all that she […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Gonzalez Family

Maria de Jesus Gonzalez describes herself as reserved and admits that she rarely lets her emotions show. Such was true when she found out that she was accepted for a Habitat house. She was grateful, but stoic. But all that changed when Maria went to volunteer on her first build day. Maria said she wept […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Barraza Family

When Bianca Barraza’s close friend applied to the Habitat for Humanity Tucson homeownership program, she learned that owning a home is within reach — something that she never considered for herself prior. “For me, it’s been a blessing that we’ve been approved. There’s no other way for me to get a home,” she explained. “I […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Yanez Family

To Stephanie Yanez, the home of her parents isn’t someplace she occasionally visits. Right now, it’s where she and her 3-year-old son share a bedroom. Instead of it being a place to relax and catch up with family, it’s become a sharp reminder that they don’t have a home to call their own. But Stephanie […] Click here to read the rest of this story

2014 Selection

Benitez & Cuen Family

Carlos Benitez and Luisana Cuen are looking forward to a sense of belonging in their new Habitat Home. They are hopeful and excited about living in a neighborhood where they can become more involved with their community. With two growing boys, they also are looking forward to more space. “We have a good landlord, but […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Duarte & Fimbres Family

“We’ve gotten used to living this way.” For Juan Duarte, Edith Fimbres and their daughter, Kiara, “this way” includes high rent, a leaky home, unsecure windows and a no sense of safety. Juan, who works at Northern Pipeline, has to perform and pay for any maintenance on the rental home. And Edith can’t take Kiara […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Zabalza Family

When Juanita Zabalza and her sons decorate their Habitat Home, it may just be covered in red and blue, with a few pinstripes thrown in. Juanita, Rodrigo and Thomas are huge sports fans, and soon-to-be Habitat Homeowners. “We love sports!” says Juanita, who works as a pediatric medical assistant at El Rio Health Center. “My […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Romero Family

Richard Romero Sr. is uncomfortable where he and his son, Richard Jr., are living. He hardly knows any neighbors and everyone is cautious and guarded because of area break-ins and drug dealing. “There’s always stuff missing,” says Richard. “Last week I put my shoes on our porch in broad daylight. A few hours later they […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Kuch & Gai Family

Elizabeth Gai and Solomon Kuch have lived in Tucson for 12 years, but now it will truly feel like home. While the family is thankful for what they have now, Solomon and Elizabeth are exhausted by the challenges that seem to go along with renting, “There is no stability,” says Solomon. “I want stability for […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Lopez Family

Georgina Lopez wants everyone to know that she and daughters Abbie and Jael are so thankful to become future Habitat Homeowners. “We are very happy to get our home! It’s one of the best things that will happen to us,” Georgina says Georgina is a patient care technician at Tucson Medical Center, preparing patients for […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Gomez Family

For Candi Gomez, home means love, peace, family and being united. While Candi and her daughter, Vanessa, are grateful for the help of friends and feel safe where they live, it isn’t a home. Since May 2013, Candi and Vanessa – and their 4-year-old dog, Nicky – have lived in an unfinished two-car garage that […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Verdugo Family

When Carmen Verdugo moves into her Habitat Home, it will definitely be a place filled with love and family – and good food! Carmen works in the dental office at St. Elizabeth’s Health Center. Even with her busy work schedule, she makes sure she and her children – Carmen, Valeria, Gabriel and Careli – eat […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Anyieth & Ajang Family

Twenty years in a Kenyan refugee camp could not keep John Anyieth and Daruka Ajang from achieving their dreams. John and Daruka, both from South Sudan, have now lived in Tucson for more than two years. They and their four children live in an apartment. But soon, John and Daruka will have a Habitat Home, filled […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Arron Family

Shamekia Arron is more than a big sister to Talesia and Demarea. She is also their guardian and guide as they grow to adults. A two-bedroom apartment is not ideal for the three energetic, loving and family-oriented siblings. So she made getting a permanent, safe home for them a priority. Shamekia has worked for APAC […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Haro Family

When it gets really cold in Amado, Pedro and Mayra Haro hang up a blanket to partition their borrowed trailer and turn on the space heater. Not the safest way to warm things up. The two-bedroom, one-bath trailer is like an oven in the summer, with aluminum walls and no insulation to keep the heat […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Neiman Family

As dreams go, owning a home is the best one that could have come true for Giannina. “This came at a perfect time,” she says. “I’m still in shock!” Giannina’s 6-year-old son, Marcus, is just as excited. “It’s fun to think about a new bedroom!” says Marcus, likes to play basketball and soccer at the […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Guzman Family

Siria is a single mother of two children: Nathaniel (Drew), 7 years old and Alisiana, 10 months.  She has been a Casino del Sol maintenance and jackpot employee since 2006.  Currently Siria is renting a very small manufactured home that is in disrepair. Siria accompanied her mother and sister to a Habitat Information Session and […] Click here to read the rest of this story

The Bhat Family

Karla Bhat is looking forward to raising her family in a safe neighborhood. Currently living with her, in a 3-bedroom apartment, are Sabrina and Saira, Catalina Magnet High School senior and sophomore, and Blaine and Londyn Eldridge, John B. Wright Elementary School students. A Sales Manager with V. I. P. Publications, Karla’s hours are devoted […] Click here to read the rest of this story

The Willie-Doewah Family

Twelve years ago Aloysius Willie & Winifred Doewah moved to the United States from Liberia. At one point during the civil war in Liberia, Aloysius was forced to live in a cave. After escaping into a neighboring country, Aloysius and Winifred became refugees; both found the language barrier very difficult to overcome. But overcome they […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Gilberto Leon

Gilberto Leon who has worked as the sales manager for the local radio station 105.3, La Ponderosa, for 20 years. His radio station does public service announcements for Habitat for Humanity, and so he has known about the program for many years. He tried before to qualify for a Habitat house, but he said he […] Click here to read the rest of this story

The Gonzalez Family

Mirna and Gabriel Gonzalez and their 11 year old daughter, Paulina, are currently renting a two bedroom house but are really looking forward to “establishing roots” in their new Habitat home. They were all at home when they were notified that they were accepted, and they were so happy. They immediately called Mirna’s mother and […] Click here to read the rest of this story

The Leopoldo Family

Johnson Leopoldo and Rose Salvestro are the proud parents of five amazing children. Their journey to the United States was a long and harrowing one. Leopoldo and Rose originally hail from South Sudan, a country that has only very recently gained its independence from the Republic of the Sudan. South Sudan, in its brief history, […] Click here to read the rest of this story

The Lujan Family

Sara Lujan is the loving, dedicated mother of three beautiful girls, Aubryana, Ayniesa and Aria. Sara has suffered from a serious heart condition for many years and has had to endure three surgeries to repair the problem, all of which were unsuccessful. After her second heart surgery, Sara developed an uncommon condition which complicated her […] Click here to read the rest of this story

The Manzo Family

Susana is a single mom of three.  She has an 18 year old son, who will not be living with the family, and two daughters, 17 year-old Jennifer and 11 year-old Mercedes.  Suzana has been supporting her children on her own. Life became especially difficult when the economy slowed and she was laid off from […] Click here to read the rest of this story

The Navarro Family

María Guadalupe (Lupita) Navarro is a proud employee of Tucson Medical Center. She supports her two daughters, her son and her grandson. When she received the call from Habitat, Lupita was very excited and proud of herself. Having her own home has been a long-term goal of Lupita’s that she’s worked very hard to achieve, […] Click here to read the rest of this story

The Perez Family

Isanah is a mother of 4 young children–son Heriberto, 9, and daughters Adamari, 8, Yileana, 7, and Zulai, 4.  Isanah is as a Medical Assistant/Pharmacy Tech with New Pueblo Medicine and loves to talk about her faith and her family. “My brother is getting a Habitat home in Yuma,” Isanah said. “Everyone is so nice that […] Click here to read the rest of this story

The Ramirez Family

Jose Ramirez and Irene de la Paz are thrilled to become Habitat Homeowners! They are so excited that they completed their Sweat Equity in record time. Jose, Irene, and their two daughters moved to Tucson two years ago from Los Angeles, where the rising cost of living forced them to relocate. A move that has […] Click here to read the rest of this story

The Ramos Family

Veronica is a single mother of four and grandmother of two.  The oldest, daughter, Anita, is 20 and is also a mother of two–1 year old Veronica and 1 month old Julian.  Daughter Angelita and sons Manuel, 7, and Armando, 5, bring the total to seven household members. This rambunctious brood currently rent a house […] Click here to read the rest of this story

The Salcido Family

Nadine is a single mother of Krystal, 21, and Eddie, 16.  She is employed by Carondelet Heart and Vascular as a receptionist and has worked there for 15 years.  Currently the Salcido family rent a home that they originally obtained through a reasonable rate.  Due to small increase in her income the assistance ended so […] Click here to read the rest of this story

2013 Selection

Felix Family

Christine Felix is a single mother of three.  She remembers the day she was informed that she was selected: “I did not even have the words to explain my excitement, I just cried and cried”.   She became a mother at a very young age and learned very quickly how to care for her children.  Her […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Martinez web
The Martinez Family

Cynthia works with the Enrollment Department for the Pasqua Yaqui tribe.  Her co-worker owns a Habitat home and encouraged her to apply. “I was excited,” said Cynthia about when she was approved for a Habitat home.  “I was at work and we were in the middle of a big project, so I had to wait […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Marcum Family web
The Marcum Family

Randy Marcum, his wife Sarah Marcum and their daughter Sophie, 1,  currently share a two-bedroom one-bathroom apartment. Randy suffers from brittle bone disease and underwent surgery at the end of August, 2012. The apartment they currently live in is not wheelchair accessible. “The apartment is not safe,” said Randy. “We want something safe for Sophie, […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Foutz Family web
The Foutz Family

Nichole Foutz and her three children Aaliyah, 7, Donnell, 6 and Ayden, 2, will soon enjoy  having a house they can call their own and a backyard where the kids and their dog, Cocoa, can play. They currently live in a 2 bedroom, 800 sq. ft. apartment with no backyard. “We move every year and […] Click here to read the rest of this story

Jordan Family web
The Jordan Family

Samuel, his wife Nadia, and their eight-month old son Samuelito, or “little Samuel,” currently share a three-bedroom, two-bath mobile home. “It’s a stepping stone to provide stability for our family,” said Samuel about being approved for a Habitat home.  “I’m very family oriented.  It’s going to be a home-base for us and our extended family.” […] Click here to read the rest of this story

2012 Selection

_MG_8558 - Version 2 web
The Ramirez Family

“We’ve been through so much.  Sometimes we didn’t have money for food and [my kids] knew and didn’t ask for more.  They were only four and six,” said Linda Ramirez. “[Our home] is the biggest prize at the end of the road.”Linda and her children, Angel, 13, and Camila, 10, are over the moon about […] Click here to read the rest of this story

_MG_3591 web
The Ibarra Family

Lupita Ibarra was born in Sonora, Mexico and at the age of 21 she came to the United States. Eight years ago her husband passed away. Now, Lupita and her son, Arturo, 25, share a two-bedroom and  two-bathroom mobile home. Lupita is currently attending the University of Phoenix and will be graduating with a B.A. […] Click here to read the rest of this story

_MG_3557 web
The Herrera Family

Rebeca Herrera and her one-year-old daughter Zuli, currently share a two-bedroom, one-bath duplex. Rebeca was hesitant about applying for a Habitat home. “At first, before I had my daughter, I didn’t think I would qualify,” Rebeca said, but having a baby changed her mind. “When I had my daughter I thought the least I could […] Click here to read the rest of this story

_MG_3576 (1) web
The Jackson Family

The Jackson Family La-Recia Jackson and her daughters, Diamond, 17, Kali, 15 and Michal,14, share a four-bedroom and two-bathroom rental home. A family friend who is also a Habitat Homeowner encouraged La-Recia to apply for a home for her and her daughters. “A few weeks later I got a really great phone call. I was […] Click here to read the rest of this story

_MG_3941 (1) web
The Rogers Family

The Rogers Family J.J. Rogers and her daughter Brittany, 21, currently share a one-bedroom, one-bath freestanding apartment which J.J. has lived in for 32 years. When the American Airlines office, where J.J. works closed, she had to either move to another state or be able to provide her own home office. J.J. was able to […] Click here to read the rest of this story

2008 Selection

Rosa McFeaters

Rosa McFeaters thought that with her lack of credit, owning a home was out of reach. Until, one day, she saw an article in the newspaper about Habitat for Humanity. She said she clipped that article and held onto it, and dreamed…. Click here to read the rest of this story

Claudia Acosta

Claudia can’t wait to move into her new Habitat for Humanity home. She can’t wait for her daughters, Dafnhe and Dailea, to each have their own room in a house they own instead of the one-bedroom apartment they all share now. She can’t wait to decorate and she especially can’t wait to be only blocks from her big sister, Orfalidia, who moved into her Habitat home in June 2008… Click here to read the rest of this story

Terri Figueroa

We’ve all had a bad day at work, but they don’t usually end the way Terri’s did when she found out her dream of owning a home would come true… Click here to read the rest of this story

The Helm Family

“Dreams can really come true. Thanks again for giving us a chance to make our dreams come true,” Tony Helm, Habitat homeowner Click here to read the rest of this story

Darlene Brent

The Brent home just got a lot more crowded. Recently, when Darlene’s cousin fell on hard times, Darlene became the temporary guardian for her three children, Heaven, Nevaeh and Isaiah, ages 18 months to 9 years old. Darlene already shares her section-8 townhome with her three children, Shawn-tay, Michael and Candice, ages 25 to 16. […] Click here to read the rest of this story

2009 Selection

The Babuca Family

Lourdes Babuca and her son Michael, 16, have been through a lot. From living in an abusive home, to a shelter in Phoenix… Click here to read the rest of this story

The Abdullahi Family

Abdi and Salama Abdullahi and their children, Abdukadir, 8, and Alikaf, 5 are refugees from Somalia. They were brought to the United States on March 18, 2004, on war leave by the United Nations… Click here to read the rest of this story

2010 Selection

The Cichy Family

Alyson found Habitat through New Beginnings where she was living in recovery-based transitional housing with her daughter, Jennie. “I’ve always lived in an apartment complex with case management,” she said. “This is our first time living alone, paying rent…But all this time in transitional living has made me a strong, independent woman. I’m okay with just me and Jennie being together.” Click here to read the rest of this story

The Machado Family

Yolanda Machado calls herself an emotional person. “I cry at everything,” she says. So, it’s no surprise that she cried the day she found out her family had been approved for a Habitat house. Click here to read the rest of this story

The Gamez Family

Sandra Gamez and her mother, Magdalena, also known as “Nana,” came to the United States from Cananea, Mexico when Sandra was just a little girl. They have been in Tucson for more than 24 years. Click here to read the rest of this story

The Gieselmann Family

Kristen’s lucky number is 11. She was born on the 11th and each of her three kids, Kaitlynn, Dillon and Trinity, were born in November. So, it’s only fitting that it was on an 11th day that her co-worker brought her a newspaper article about a Habitat family and encouraged her to look into it. Click here to read the rest of this story

The Vargas Family

Lupita and her son Daniel had a brief taste of homeownership once, many years ago. Lupita was married then and she and her husband purchased a home. Shortly after, when her marriage ‘came to a screeching halt’, as she put it, she and her son had to give up their dream. Click here to read the rest of this story

The Beltran Family

February 11, 2011 marks Gina’s ninth anniversary working as a network associate for Carondelet. She started as a registration clerk and now works as an Office Coordinator in the Diabetes Center, and she loves her job. “I want to go to work. I love doing what I do. I’m pretty lucky,” she said with a huge smile. In fact it was her work that brought her to Habitat. Click here to read the rest of this story

2011 Selection

The Parker Family

Autumn Parker and her husband William are very excited about the opportunity to own their own home. Despite having a lot on her plate, she is determined to complete her sweat equity as soon as possible so she can concentrate on saving for her down payment and attending the homeowner classes Click here to read the rest of this story

The Bashikire Family

Pierre and his wife Clothilde brought their two youngest daughters to Tucson in 2007 after fleeing conflicts in three different countries for more than thirty years. “We left our home in Burundi when war came in 1973. We lived in a refugee camp in Tanzania. War came to Tanzania so we moved to Rwanda. When the ethnic cleansing began in Rwanda, we fled back to Tanzania.” Click here to read the rest of this story

The Allen family

The Allen family is ready for the American dream! When Bernadette received the phone call that her family was going to own a Habitat home, she said she was jumping and screaming with the kids. She called her husband Jon to share the good news and he was in disbelief. Jon said, “We always felt like we couldn’t get ahead. We don’t ever get picked for anything.” Click here to read the rest of this story