From Trash to Treasure: Upcycled Art!

Are you into upcycling and making cool projects? Me too!

I found this sad little shovel at our local HabiStore and knew right away that I could give it a new life.


First, I noticed the shovel had some dried on cement, so I soaked it in vinegar. While it soaked, I put on some gloves and started lightly scrubbing it with a wire brush to get what I could off. I then washed it off and let it dry.

Next, I knew a furniture transfer would make it pop! If you are not familiar with furniture transfers, you gotta check them out as they can only beautify any project you create! They are a pre-printed design, pattern, words or image on a backing sheet that gets rubbed onto a surface. These transfers can typically be used on wood, glass, metal, walls and more. For this project I went with “Sunflower Fields” from I picked which part of the design that would fit best, cut it out, and rubbed it on!


Finally, I knew what saying I wanted to put on the shovel, so I created my own design and cut it out of 10mm mylar to make a stencil. I placed my stencil where I wanted it and used a nice bright green chalk paint.

After the paint dried, all it needed was a few coats of Clear Wise Owl One Hour Enamel to protect the design! And viola! Now this shovel has a new life as a work of art!

Gina Hansen, Volunteer Manager at Habitat TucsonGina has a gift for seeing beauty and possibility in everything! It makes her a gifted DIY-er!