What Home Means to Ariel and Ana Karina

To Ariel and Ana Karina, home means a place where they can teach their kids to be good people. They both studied science in school because science speaks in a universal language, and they pass on their values of education to their children. They know more space means that their son Ariel Jr., who is in 3rd grade, will have a quiet environment where he can focus on his studies.

“I have to take my daughter, Carry Anne, to the bedroom so she can learn to read and that means reading out loud, which makes it hard for Ariel Jr. to focus,” says Ana Karina. They live in a crowded one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. “We have to take turns for the living room, and I want the children to have more space to learn and play without having to shuffle around,” says Ana Karina.


“I want to be able to know and trust my neighbors, I want us to all look out for each other,” says Ana Karina.

Their rented apartment is surrounded by mostly other rental properties. They don’t know their neighbors and there is a high turnover rate, with people moving in and out of the neighborhood often. “Community is so important to us,” says Ana Karina. “I want to be able to know and trust my neighbors, I want us to all look out for each other.”

Meeting and building alongside their fellow homebuyers at the build site continues to invigorate them. They can see that community they so desire forming every time they join together and raise a hammer.


That’s the same motto Ariel and Ana have at home: everybody pitching in and doing their part. Arial Jr. and Carry Anne even offered to help at the build site! Their parents chuckled and gently let them know how kind an offer that was – but that at 6 and 8 years old, they’re just a little too young.

Ariel and Ana are looking forward to a better life for their family. “We are looking for better opportunities for ourselves and for our children.”