The Global Housing Crisis: From Nepal to Arizona

In Nepal, Habitat Tucson CEO T. VanHook saw firsthand how the devastation from the 2015 earthquake reached far and wide.

Thousands perished and 3.5 million were left homeless after the earthquake.  But while so many people were left with virtually nothing, she was struck by their tremendous generosity of spirit.

Nepal Earthquake in a Nutshell

From Visually.

Getting a home gets people out of poverty – forever.  It’s generational change.


The people of Nepal, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, were ready to do the work of transforming people’s lives.  T believes that by sharing in both directions, we can fight the global housing crisis and help people across the globe and in our local community lead lives that are stable, self-sufficient, and thriving.

Doesn’t everyone deserve that chance? Listen to T in conversation with Mrs. Green about hope, possibility and change.