Dedications 2016

IMG_0439Please join us at one of our upcoming home dedications!

Home dedications recognize the combined efforts of our homebuyers, volunteers, donors and staff as we hand over the house keys to our family partners. It is a joyful event and celebration of a family’s hard work and determination to build a lasting foundation for their children’s futures.

This year, 20 families have completed the requirements of Habitat Tucson’s Homeownership program, which include completing 250 “Sweat Equity” hours, saving for a down payment, and attending financial classes. After moving in, these hardworking families and individuals will pay an affordable mortgage.

We are extremely proud of the Homebuyer Class of 2015 and hope that you’ll join us at one or more of the following home dedications!


**All dedications start at 9:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted**

Name Date Address
Marcela Ruiz March 18th 7126 S. Corona Pl.
Eva Ortiz March 19th 7111 S. Corona Pl.
Kay-Lynn Raines March 24th 7174 S. Corona Pl.
Stephanie Yanez March 30th 7166 S. Corona Pl.
Francisco & Estella Davalos March 31st 5798 S. Copper Plate Dr.
Maria de Jesus Gonzalez April 2nd 12470 N. Whitney Lane, Marana
Agnes Uwamahoro April 7th 5788 S. Copper Plate Dr.
Blanca Campos April 14th 5752 S. Copper Plate Dr.
Manuel Sandoval April 23rd 5770 S. Copper Plate Dr.
Martha Escarga April 29th 5780 S. Copper Plate Dr.
Gabriela Ross May 4th 7080 S. Avenida Del Recuerdo
Brenda Vargas Women Build House** Time TBD May 7th 5769 S. Copper Plate Dr.
Richard & Maria Delcido May 12th 7078 S. Avenida Del Recuerdo
Bianca Barraza May 20th 7076 S. Avenida Del Recuerdo
John Howell & Gaby Campos May 21st 7163 S. Vuelta Silueta
Zulema Altamirano June 4th 5762 S. Copper Plate Dr.
Adol Lual June 9th 5779 S. Copper Plate Dr.
David & Achol Mabior June 10th 5787 S. Copper Plate Dr.
Alfredo & Elisa Paz-Gonzalez **Time TBD June 18th 5797 S. Copper Plate Dr.